The Props Shop You Should Never Miss for Gifting Your Loved Ones

The Props Shop You Should Never Miss for Gifting Your Loved Ones

What are props?

  • Props are the items that we use to set the scene.
  • Props are the items that are used to support something by putting something else under or against it.
  • Props are also items that go on a stage while a drama or play is going on.

Where do you get props? Do you know of any prop shops? There’s no other props shop as Quirky Perks, so nearby that you won’t even have to leave the comfort your house to purchase props for yourself or for gifting them to your loved ones.

Let us tell you what are the types of props:

  1. Hand Props: These are items that are handled or carried by an actor. They include food items, weapons, lanterns & candles, canes, parasols, and anything else an actor could or might pick up. From the props shop named Quirky Perks, we have hand props for you, like whiskey glasses, cocktail glasses, and sippers.
  2. Personal Props: These are the props that are worn or carried by a particular actor and issued to him/her rather than stored on the prop table. In this category, Quirky Perks has things like bracelets, rings, charms, watch chains, and how can we forget face masks? Prop shops, if any in your area, wouldn’t have such cute little things which would match the outfits of performing artists. So, here we are, to give you the perfect perks.
  3. Set Props: These are the objects that add to the look of the setting, with which the actor interacts, and quirky perks have the perfect quirks and perks to add to the look of the scene. We have a lot of apparels, to hang around if you are showing parts of furniture, or staging a room maybe! Secondly, we also have bottles, coasters, and coffee mugs to go with that minimalistic furniture and also give your stage or play, an aesthetic look. For all these props, you will only have to visit our website - which is also known to be the best props shop from which you can buy things and gift them to your loved ones. 
  4. Set Dressing: These props consist of similar items, but which the actor doesn't usually handle. Some set dressings are "practicals", props like lamps or chandeliers that perform on stage as they do in real life. Trim props are a type of set dressing that hang on the walls, such as pictures, window dressing & curtains, and so on. Here we have a really awesome thing for you which is known as an acrylic music plaque that would enhance the look of your whole background, and most importantly, this is something that would not find any prop shops around the country, but only at Quirky Perks
  5. Greens: These are any plants, live or artificial. Though we don’t keep plants at our props shop, we keep planters which give your plants a much more exquisite look. Now, have you heard any prop shops selling planters? Absolutely not!

So, these were the main types of props which are used in varying degrees in most of the shows, dramas, plays, or for giving gifts to people who like to decorate their house with lovely props. Now, we would love to show the other perks we have for you at our online store, which can be easily used as props at our homes & offices to make the appearance of your surroundings surreal.

  1. Trinket Trays:

Our trinket trays will act perfectly as props on your set because they perfectly blend in with your décor and add to the charm of the already beautiful room. 

2. Decanter Set:

How about a gorgeous decanter set on the bar in your house, or on one of the shelves, or on the dining table? Wouldn’t it add to the royalty of your house? It definitely would, and you'll only get this at Quirky Perks, not at any other prop shops.

3. Acrylic Music Plaque:

We have something at our prop shop which is exclusively available at Quirky Perks and can also be customised. We call it the acrylic music plaque and it can be placed anywhere in your house or on the work desk to let your viewers know how much you like to keep the mood hella' quirky around you. 

4. Lights:

Keeping lights as props at your home will not only illuminate your décor and surroundings, but will also make the corner of our house look all the more beautiful, especially when the lights are from Quirky Perks, which is one of the best prop shops in India. 

5. Line Art:

One of the best props from a prop shop can be a notebook which you can just keep up on your work desk to be particular about noting things down and making a schedule of the things that you do. We have a lot of notebooks, notepads and the like at Quirky Perks, choose the one (or more, we don't judge) that suits your personality. We also have crop tops at our props shop which can be used as a personal prop in any of the shows or plays that you are starring in. Our crop tops are one of the best with the perfect illustrations and quotes that you won't find anywhere else. We promise.

So, these are some of the props that we have been selling at our extensive online store, which is the first ever online props shop in India. Quirky Perks gives you the best perks along with a the perfect amount of quirk to match them with the different vibes of all the different customers who shop from our website.

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