About us



Nishant Shah finished high school and further education in Mumbai, where he worked for several e-commerce websites and gained valuable experience that he would eventually come to use for the founding of Quirky Perks. Nishant returned to his home town to join the family business. However, he had always wanted to start his own business - a venture that he could craft on his own, from the ground up. And that’s how Quirky Perks was born. After only 2 years, he’s taken Quirky Perks from a boutique site to a full-blown e-commerce site, boasting almost 600+ products, ranging from apparel to personalized products.


Quality Content Officer

Maharsh is a recent graduate from the Penn State University, where he majored in Strategic Communications and minored in English and Psychology. Maharsh is our in-house Content Officer, and he’s responsible for all the content that you see on the website and the Insta page. He likes to read, write and listen to Ariana Grande and he DOES NOT LIKE TO WORKOUT, so stop asking him about that. He’s funny, witty and trendy - so all in all, he’s perfect.* *This has been written by Maharsh, so make of that what you will.


"Ship Dem Already" Officer

Dinesh hails from Mount Abu and he has all the shipments in his kabu. He packages and ships all the perks you know and love, and he ensures that you get the right package at the right time. He’s both funny and fun to be around, and his endless antics in the office often get him into trouble! We don't know what we might do without his swaggy operational skills!


"Hella Cool Graphics" Officer

A baker at heart and (graphic) designer by choice, Taniya's creations reflect her vibrant approach towards life. With minimalistic aesthetics and a pop of colour(s), her typography game is something she is proud of. She's our chief graphic designer, here at QP. And in a parallel universe, this designer is also a self-claimed DJ!


"Today's Post" Manager

Jahanvi is currently pursuing her Mass Comm degree from Mithibai College. She's our social media manager, and she creates all the content you know and love. She's overly enthusiastic, (she says she's working on it) tiny but also kinda scary. She aces all the tiktok moves and carries a bag that's double the size of her, so you know, she's awesome.


"Where is da money?" Manager

Meet Anoushka, our business manager. A recent graduate from the University of Toronto, her hobbies are napping, overthinking and singing the wrong lyrics to every song. She's fun, chirpy and ready to annoy you if she's bored. She manages our vendors and make sure the. money stays where it's supposed to!